11 Types of Heavy Machinery in Construction 2024

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The use of heavy equipment in construction was common, since heavy construction tools did much to facilitate the human construction.

If in the past many construction operations were more localized and would take time, it could now be shortened with the aid of heavy equipment.

In the construction industry, heavy equipment is the tool used to make construction easier, easier, and as expected.

The use of heavy equipment must be exactly right and appropriate to conditions and circumstances in the field. So, you can’t just use it.

The wrong use of heavy tools will result in low productivity levels, insufficient schedules, and additional costs.

Of course, this would harm you. Instead of losing, it’s better to know what kind of heavy equipment is required.

The way is to know and understand types of heavy machinery construction and weight function.

Types of heavy machinery in construction

Below are some kind of heavy machinery and also its function, which is:

1. Dozer heavy tool (loader)

One of the heavy construction tools often used was the loder or more commonly known as dozer.

These heavy equipment are commonly used to handle project materials, particularly excavated materials or to create stockpiles of materials.

Dozer was usually used to handle the sand, soil, or rock in the project.

There was bucket on dozer so it also had another name for the dozer front end.

Two types of dozers are often used in construction as crawler tractor dozer and the WHWWL tractor dozer.

Operating the dozer requires an authorized wire operator.

2. Excavator heavy equipment

Other heavy equipment found frequently in the construction area is an excavator.

It is the most widely used and the most commonly known to the public.

The use of the excavators has to adjust the field. Generally the excavators divide into some kind according to the excavators on the front.

However, all have something in common – a wheelbarrow or a crawler.

The use of crawlers in excavators allows them to operate at either rough or poorly packed surfaces and requires very little displacement.

For wheeled excavators it is used for higher mobility work.

3. Crane heavy.

Crane is a heavy-duty building project which can be seen from afar. It’s high in size considering its functionality in moving materials.

Crane can move materials both vertically and horizontally, at intervals. That’s why it’s needed so much in construction.

Crane has a variety of types in his operation, so you have to pick one that really matches the working conditions of the project.

Crane selection will make a big difference in projects and affect time and gain or loss in projects. So be aware of the needs before choosing which crane to use.

4. Dump trucks

In construction, the use of dump trucks is crucial to facilitate the process of transporting materials such as soil, sand, rock for construction projects.

This particular device enables the process of construction to go faster and more efficiently.

Dump trucks usually depend on pitch conditions, materials volume, time, and the cost of projected projects.

Heavy equipment like this dump truck could be used for roads, Bridges, and housing projects.

5. Wheel loader

This wheel loader is a device that functions within a short distance with dozer, which is to move objects or materials, from one place/tool to another.

The way it works is doing the loader dig. And bucket would be pushed over the materials to lift.

When bucket is full, then tractor pulls back and bucket will be hauled up for the next move.

Another function of the wheel loader was to clean the field or the site of the work, to distill the soil at close range, to level the mound and replenish it, to smooth the surface or smooth the surface of a flat area and so on.

6. Wales stump

Stump (vibro roller) or also called wales is a tool used to compile the surface of the ground or asphalt. Stump was often used when building a highway.

It is actually called vibro roller, but indonesians often refer to it as the stum, the galindong, or roller.

They vary in size on the market, and some are small, medium to large.

Building the device could be used in various fields, ranging from small amounts of land to large ones.

7. Grader

A grade or a grader bike isa heavy instrument with a long blade that can be used to smooth the ground surface mechanically.

Additionally, it can also be used for the eviction of the soil, for mixing the soil, for leveling the dike, for remodeling the existing soil, and for other purposes.

Generally grader is used for the final stage, such as a fix, or set up. Used in the construction and maintenance of dirt roads and gravel roads, or it may also be used to prepare basic foundations for building roads before the spread of asphalt.

8. Scraper

A scraper or a scraper motor is a type of heavy tool that is widely used to cut the side of the levees or the side of the dam.

It could also be used to excavate the ground, which was in between concrete buildings, and it could also be used to level highways.

In the process, it can excavate the earth’s surface to a depth of about an inch [2.5 mm], and it can also store up a desired place, down to a minimum thickness of about an 2.5 mm [2.5 mm].

9. Asphalt Paver

Asphalt paver or often called asphalt finisher, is a device capable of spreading out the mixture of asphalt previously made by the instrument of production.

The flaw in this one is that the human-wheel rotation is showing longer. Because the rubber wheel used on the fuel of it felt more coarse.

10. Diesel hammer

Diesel hammer itself is a device used to drive the stake into the ground. Usually such tools would be used to build foundations on multistoried structures, piers, towers and others.

The device works using steam engines, which drives hammer, on the single or double acting steam of the hammer that it USES.

The hammer that was used to strike the stake was used, quite a variety, some with fixed models, hanging, and others rotating in vertical areas

11. Roller

The pneumatic tire roller, or often abbreviated, of which it is used, is one of the tools used, in the work that produces granular material.

And it’s also used to crush existing layers of hot mix. Thus, it is often used as an instrument that is used to compile the soil.

As for the types of roller commonly used, among other things:

  • According to the way they move, some move themselves, while others have to be towed.
  • Based on the mill wheel, some are of steel wheel, others are of rubber/pneumatic.
  • Based on the surface shape of the wheel, some have a smooth/plain surface, segments, lamb-foot, grid shape, etc.
  • Based on the grind of the wheel, some use the wheel 3/ three wheel, two wheel rolller and three exle tanem roller.
  • Use a jamming device, using vibrators.


Types of heavy machinery in construction differ according to function and type.

Where its USES aim to facilitate the process of construction work, so construction is faster, easier, and results as expected.

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