International Heavy Machinery Shipping Services

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Shipping heavy equipment like crane, forklift, bulldozer, tractor or other things really looks like it.

But of course it’s not impossible. Using the right method, heavy equipment can be delivered and safely to our destination.

Certainly it would be necessary to transport adequate transport to deliver heavy equipment from heavy equipment providers to the construction site.

Although doing so is challenging, there are safe and comfortable ways to do so. You do the following international heavy machinery shipping services.

Kind of heavy lifting trucks

There are many types of transport trucks that can be used to deliver heavy equipment. Here are some of the most common types of transport trucks

  1. The flatbed trailer was used most often

A flatbed trailer is perhaps the most common means of sending heavy equipment.

These vehicles can carry more than a dozen tons. Flattened trailers are available in various sizes and can be chosen according to the need.

It was very versatile and made the loading process very easy. Most of the heavy equipment can be shipped in this truck.

The flatbed trailer is also generally a type of self loader truckers, a truck equipped with a hydraulic system for easy loading and unloading of heavy equipment.

  1. Tow trucks for short-range heavy equipment shipments

Tow trucks or tow trucks may be used to send short-range weights. Cranes also vary in variety and can handle different sizes of heavy equipment.

Make sure that the tow truck is used under the best conditions.

From the Angle of the tires, as well as any accessories, or accessories, for the purposes of the truck, should be ready.

  1. A special trailer for heavy equipment

If heavy equipment is delivered too complex, large, and heavy, a special trailer is needed to transport it.

Make sure heavy delivery providers have appropriate trucks, such asa double deck or a double drop trailer.

It is a type of flatbed trailer with a different level installed so it is easier to carry heavy equipment.

Heavy tool-delivery tips

For the weight-transmitting process to work, here are some things that your comrade, shipper, should take note of.

  1. Check heavy equipment safety

Each heavy tool usually had both a manual and a manual on how to handle. Follow all transit procedures as directed.

Also make sure that the areas on which you are exposed are protected.

Before it is declared worthy of the road, make sure once again that the heavy equipment is safely installed and there is no risk of escape during delivery.

Also, consider the traffic and the condition of the route in preparation for shipping the heavy equipment.

Certain weather and traffic conditions would require greater security than usual.

  1. Separate the heavy equipment

The most important thing in shipping heavy equipment was in good condition and was able to function properly.

But when it comes to delivering heavy equipment, there may be some equipment that needs to be dismantled.

This needs to be done to make the delivery process easier by tying it to a separate flatbed trailer.

Heavy equipment can be reinstalled when we arrive at our destination. It is also effective for special shaped heavy equipment delivery to make it convenient.

So it could be transported in a regular flatbed without any special trailer or tow truck being involved.

  1. Make sure the legality of transporting the heavy equipment

Transporting heavy machinery has quite a strict rule, therefore, ensure that:

  • Heavy equipment shipping providers are licensed and fit for qualification
  • The route does not prohibit the type of heavy transport vehicles
  • The route in question is not limiting the transport of heavy equipment at any given hour

The international heavy machinery shipping services list

Here’s a complete list of the heavy equipment shipping operations: bulldozers, excavators, forklifts, dotes, tractors, and others:

  1. PT. Mahkota Logistik Indoraya
  2. Mahkota Logistik Indoraya is a local freight shipping der otherwise known asa mining company.

They  serve the processing of imported goods and domestic intercontinental goods in the Indonesian region.


Kebon onion 11a Tanjung Priok

North Jakarta administrative city


  1. PT. Hakita Trans Logistik
  2. HAKITA TRANS LOGISTICS is an International and Domestics Freight Forwarder and Packing and Movers Service that provides land, air and sea transportation services as well as packing services for personal goods Effect or Transfer standing in 2014. As a priority


Grand Galaxy City, Rukan Sentra Commercial, Block RKS 5 NO 65 Jl Boulevard Raya, Former South

Bekasi District

West Java

  1. PT. Mega Trans Jaya

Mega trans jaya is one of the many delivery companies, moving, the housing estate, cargo services, both intercity delivery/handling regions, on both island and intersuler delivery.


Street. Center bark 139th b


West Java

  2. CELEBES TRANSPORTAMA ABADI (CTA. EXPEDITION) A goods delivery service company for project material packages, raw materials for construction and finished construction, heavy equipment, motorized vehicles, machines and other production products. We have sufficient land fleet transportation facilities, including:


Jl. Ikan Mungsing IV/123 Tanjung Sadari Perak Barat


East Java

The other company name are:

  • Adam Gusai Baswedan
  • Karya Putra Alif Logistic
  • Multindo Cipta Sukses
  • Tritama Bella Transindo
  • Cv Rafa Transport
  • Berlian Jaya Abadi
  • Marcos Trans Indonesia
  • Neo Internusa Kargo
  • Surya Gemilang
  • Kamitama Lintas Buana
  • Lancar Trans Jaya
  • Taufik Kulrahman
  • Benua Trans
  • Eka Sari Lorena
  • Busur Nusantara Sejahtera
  • Orlin Trans
  • Multiguna Int’l Persada
  • Anugerah Kasih Setia
  • Riam Bisnis Pratama
  • Risa Pratama Nusantara (Risa Cargo)
  • Pt Rema Abadi Logistic
  • Pt Real Access International
  • Pt Armindo Logistic Indonesia
  • Apj Trans Jakarta
  • Raja Sahala Simbolon
  • Union Logistics
  • Four Express Logistic
  • Wahana Express
  • Rangga Express

Where are their corporate addresses?

Many of the above will be distributed across the country in Indonesia, and some of the above are listed as the shipping service of the Jakarta stock exchange.

Interested in using their services?

Text their heavy delivery services by either mailing their address or contacting customer service available on the Internet.

What’s important to remember is that some of them are just going through the offline transaction process.


The international heavy machinery shipping services was a service company used to send western machinery both locally and abroad.

Using the service industry makes it easy and safe to send heavy equipment to all countries.

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