Heavy Machinery Tracking in 2024

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Providing security for valuable personal property or business assets is indeed a duty of the owners.

It was meant to prevent unwanted happenings such as the theft of valuable property.

The intended price may also be heavy equipment for a rental company or a contractor company.

For safety this can be attached to a GPS tracker of heavy equipment.

Specifically consider the following heavy machinery tracking subject

What’s a GPS tracker?

The global positioning system or called GPS is a sophisticated device which is exploited to pinpoint the position of an object.

Whether it’s a stationary or moving object somewhere.

As the days of increasing sophistication emerged a GPS tracker or was often referred to as a tracking device.

As the name suggests, a tracker’s GPS does work to monitor and track the position of an object.

The most common object is monitored and tracked using a GPS tracker is a vehicle.

Be it a motorcycle, car, bus, truck, even heavy equipment vehicles.

The development of the epoch also makes the tracker’s GPS beyond monitoring and tracking.

Currently developers for innovative vehicle tracking devices provide new features.

They include remotely lethal features. So for example, if a vehicle is stolen and has a GPS tracker installed, it can shut down a machine via an installed smartphone application.

There are also features of fuel monitoring, wiretapping, and so on.

Benefits of using GPS tracking in heavy equipment rental

Among the types of vehicles often fitted with GPS tracker are heavy equipment in rental services or contractor companies.

Heavy vehicles heavily fitted with tracking devices were dumper, loader, excavators, and others.

With the GPS tracker of heavy equipment, the rental services services will receive some of the following benefits.

1. Helps to increase surveillance

Using a GPS tracker allows the location of the device to be accurate.

Which could then get an alert when the weight of equipment is out of the established geofence region as per the lease.

Not only does security but also surveillance of locations could help deliver heavy equipment to be more efficient.

Knowing the location also makes the transfer of heavy equipment fast.

2. Are able to increase productivity

Another benefit derived from the existence of a heavy instrument tracker is to help increase productivity.

With idling surveillance it allows companies to take immediate action on heavy equipment and fuel.

When the engine is running but not moving, this will, of course, make it less efficient.

3. Reduced operating costs

By reducing idling, of course, it reduces fuel. If heavy equipment service is included in fuel, this should reasonably reduce operating costs.

Having additional input and fueling sensors should provide more efficiency opportunities.

The risk of worn out rapid equipment may also decrease by idling reductions.

4. Keep working hours online (hm), routes, mileage and fleet speed

Besides monitoring the location of the heavy equipment, location tracker can also detect when and how long the device works on.

Location tracker in the design specifically ranging from both hardware and application so it can help the management monitor on-line totalitaries-its weight-hours that can be compared to the real-time data installed on the device.

5. Detecting vehicles in and out of the quarry site

The geofence feature in location tracker lets the rental heavy device mark an area needed for tracking.

It can also tell time in and out of vehicles to and from the mine area; Idle, run, and stop vehicle duration, as well as the mileage and speed of vehicles inside the geofence.

Can even get a real-time warning as the vehicles or heavy equipment are brought out of the mine area, anyone can control them.

Notification can be sent via text or E-mail.

6. Prevent the operator’s piggyback on using heavy equipment outside the rental agreement

Much cheating takes place in the field by manipulating working hours on heavy equipment that could adversely affect the heavy rental company from the “stolen” rental time, despite the already black and white deal between the rental and the rental.

By placing the location location on the location of the location location can prevent cheating and lessen the cost of the heavy-duty rental company, since it can monitor online work hours that are then matched with offline data in the field.

7. Equipment malfunction

The location device of a tracker device installed on machines and mechanical devices can note odometers and the duration of use, rest, and idle equipment.

This will make it easier in asset check and maintenance. There’s a service schedule and notification from the application issued by the tracker location company.

Also, there are warnings when motorists’ behavior is considered risky, such as exceeded the speed limit.

Such features can be a deterrent to engine failure resulting from excessive use and risky driving behavior.

As you already read above, location tech help makes tracker management of assets more efficient and effective.

Tips selecting the best heavy GPS tracking devices

The number of the GPS tracker manufacturers of the heavy devices is a little too much to be confused about which one to choose.

Because if you pick the wrong tracking device, it affects the safety and quality of the device itself. To avoid further confusion in the elections, it is possible to follow the following tips.

1. Select the best producer or store

The first step to make is to select the best tracker, or GPS producer, or provider.

Experienced product providers could offer an exact quality of tracking device.

Where this is usually the first-hand manufacturer of the original hand products.

So all products are genuine guaranteed and warranty.

2. Weighing the completeness of these features

The next thing to consider in the tracker’s GPS selection for heavy equipment is features.

Make sure that the tracking device is not restricted to tracking or tracking vehicles only.

But it also has other features such as tapping features, shutting down engines from distant satellites, fuel monitoring, and so on.

3. Know the legality of the GPS tracker

Also should be aware that the tracker’s chosen GPS has legality.

With legality it would have made it safer to wear. It’s common knowledge that a tracking device has to have a postel certificate in order to be used in a country.

Therefore, you should not arbitrarily select your tracking device without considering the matter.

4. Consider the price offered

Last is to consider the price offered by the shop owner or manufacturer.

Generally the price of a GPS tracker will follow the completeness of the features.

The more complete the tracker’s GPS features, the more expensive the price will be as high as the other way around.

So it would be best to choose a GPS tracker with the features as needed only.

Overtracking applications using GPS system maxtracker:

  • monitor reallytime-time-lapse of 5-10 seconds.
  • engine cut feature/turn off engine by 1x click (via mobile application/web/text)
  • dod’s (on rails) feature, when the GPS is removed, the engine will not start.
  • fashion guard feature helps watch your vehicle 24hours
  • push a smartphone in your smartphone.

Track record for up to 100 days.

  • full data reports travel, SOS, parking, engines on and off, GPS ripped, etc.
  • reports may be in export to excel formats.
  • area/geofence restrictions (circle & polygon).
  • put a tap on the conversation in the cab.
  • It’s equipped with an SOS button that connects the LGSG to our server and your cell phone.
  • 24/7 customer service at your service.
  • notification that your data package is nearing its expire.


Heavy machinery tracking was used as a tracking tool in tracking when heavy machinery was used for necessities.

Many benefits and benefits can be felt when a company USES this tool because it monitors a maximum weight.

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