5 Heavy Machinery Rental Company in 2024

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Currently the Government of Indonesia is aggressively accelerating efforts to encourage the Largest Heavy Equipment Rental Company in Indonesia to invest in infrastructure-related sectors, so that Indonesia can become a developed country in 2025. In order to encourage this achievement, the government has made policy, financial and institutional improvements.

Heavy equipment presence is needed to support government policies in building infrastructure sectors.

This paper will explain the biggest heavy machinery company in Indonesia.

The largest heavy equipment rental company in Indonesia

One important role in moving economic development and growth is infrastructure. Its existence is vital to maximizing public service systems.

A variety of physical facilities is essential to the smooth operation of government, economy, industry and social activities in communities and governments.

Heavy equipment is widely used for the building of the infrastructure because of some gains of such things as rapid time, great power and frugality.

Technological and industrial materials are currently affecting the growth of equipment (heavy equipment) of the type or model needed to play its part in the field.


In civil engineering science, as heavy machinery is called heavy machinery, it is not unusual, for with this the work of building something structure can be done easily.

Important aspects of construction and mining projects and other large scale activities are the existence of heavy equipment.

Based on the role of heavy equipment, there are many varieties.

While each construction project required a slightly different kind of weight, in principle, construction projects wore slightly different kinds of heavy equipment.

Kind of heavy equipment

Here are some examples of the country’s 5 largest Indonesia weight rental companies that are used in the construction of both the construction and the use:

  1. Masts

The foundation of concrete stakes into the ground that is used both in the construction of buildings, Bridges, and others commonly used masts.

The advantage of these tools on buildings is to make deep foundations. An example of this equipment is the hammer pile drive.

  1. bulging

It has a big dimensional bucker with forward wheels to make it easier to move.

The role of the loader is to cultivate land examples of sliver and soil reduction and other processors for building.

  1. Excavators

The excavators are the excavators’ equipment that own bucket, an iron wheel, making an appropriate tool for use on fairly heavy terrain.

In the construction of this equipment building it is useful to dig in the ground and move in the construction of foundation or basement.

  1. Tower of crane

Crane tower has an arm tower to reach all the zones in order to carry the construction materials.

Crane tower can move material things either vertically or horizontally.

  1. Prize truck

A dump truck is a wheeled truck with a handle full of hydraulic systems.

This system allows the tub containing material to move up to a certain Angle.

Dump trucks act as material transporters like dirt urugan, sand, gravel to the project zone or reverse.

  1. Truck stirrer

Truck mixer is a truck with tubes that can be turned around to lift fresh concrete into the project zone.

  1. Concrete pumps

Concreate pump beneficial for channeling concrete mortar to a larger place using iron pipe. In high-rise buildings this device was often used.

  1. Scrapper

Scrapper is a useful tool for scraping the soil, in use this tool is used to cut the sides of the dikes, the flattening of the soil, and so on.

  1. Shovel ahead

The front shovel was a useful tool for digging buckets that had buckets at the front, which was used in quarrying and building materials, and so on.

The heavy equipment company in Indonesia

The following are the largest heavy equipment rental companies in Indonesia that support Indonesia’s development, namely:

  1. Michael contractor.

Michael contractor is the construction needs company and heavy equipment lease services in Indonesia.

Michael contractor’s address: street. Hankam 101 in port port, susskind district, east Jakarta.

For more information contact telephone: 081291666006, or via email Michael michaelcontracting

  1. PT.Arta Nusa Gemilang

Arta Nusa Gemilang is a company that participates in developments carried out by the Government and the private sector in the Heavy Equipment, Rental, Contractor & Supplier sectors.

More than 7 years PT. Arta Nusa Gemilang provides quality heavy equipment services and is supported by reliable personnel in their fields to support the onslaught of development in Indonesia.

As information goes on, bank Indonesia plans to revisit the ifc at any given address.

The company’s annual financial report on bekasi, t004/05 no.188 kel17156. Telephone: 021 826 21558, or via email artanusa@yahoo. Co.id and ardiles_org@yahoo. Co

  1. PT Proton Liftindo Perkasa

PT Proton Liftindo Perkasa is Indonesia’s leading Heavy Lifting & Heavy Equipment Rental company, with the availability of complete Heavy Lifting & Heavy Equipment and a robust and experienced human resource supporting construction development throughout Indonesia.

Further information can contact PT Proton Liftiondo Perkasa at the address:

Jakarta Office: Jl BUNI No 45 B Mangga Besar – West Jakarta

Cikarang Office: Jl. Industry Tegal Gede No. 8 (Her Majesty’s Industry) Cikarang Barat

Telp. 021 – 89842034 s/d 38, Fax. 021 – 89842039. Facebook: Proton Liftindo Perkasa

  1. Helindo Dalimo Jaya Sejahtera

Since 2005, dalimo jaya securities has been promoted as a heavy equipment rental company operating ona national scale.

All available heavy equipment and human resources have been certified.

Dalimo jaya prospered to provide cranes with lift capacity to share a variety of needs (the need for fabrication to mining).

The company provides services to its customers with professional management every day

For further information, please contact PT. Dalimo Jaya Sejahtera at the address: Jln. By Pass Km. 6 City of Padang, West Sumatra. Mobile: +6281266245245, Email: [email protected], or visit the website: www.dalimojayasejahtera.co.id

  1. Dua Putra Pratama

Duta Putra Pratama are companies established in 2014.

The company deals in goods & services especially construction and heavy construction services consisting of construction, roads, Bridges, railways, various parts of heavy equipment and rental equipment.

Information continue to contact pt. 2 primary sons at the address: street.

Bandung cirebon highway. 235th and 35th kiss, kec. Cirebon kab, cirebon 45167 west Java, telephone: (0231) 8344200 & +62813-8010-8740 or via email: [email protected]


The heavy machinery rental company is a company that specializes in heavy machinery and associated components.

In Indonesia there are some heavy-equipment leases that are quite well-known and known for their affordable quality and price.

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