3 Heavy Machinery Operator Salary in 2024

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Operating or running a heavy appliance may have to have special skills and skills.

Because excavators, grader motors, dump trucks, loader, crane, dozer and others obviously require different treatment capabilities.

That way, it is no wonder that a heavy equipment operator earns a large salary.

It may be comparable to the capabilities and risks faced when it operates.

Because it’s for the heavy machinery operation of a salary that’s big enough, wanting to know more clearly about the next topic.

The concept of the heavy tool operator

The heavy equipment operator is the one who runs or controls the heavy construction equipment, such as a dump truck, a cargo truck, an excavator, a forklift, backhoe, bulldozer and a hydraulic crane.

It is also responsible to operate heavy vehicles in structural construction work, such as roads, Bridges and buildings.

It has a certain specialty in each type of heavy instrument. This requires an official certificate of expertise and driver’s license (driver’s license).

Heavy equipment operators are high-risk jobs because of working in all weather and even poor weather conditions and altitude. Because of these high job risks, their salary is promising.

Besides having formal education, license, driver’s license, must also have certain other skills that will be able to assist in this work.

Generally heavy equipment carriers have duties and responsibilities include:

  • running, loading vehicles and heavy equipment.
  • observe distribution of materials to fit the workflow.
  • maintain and maintain the equipment, equipment and workplace.
  • provide input for work maintenance and improved environment.
  • complete the necessary paperwork, and produce other reports and documentation.

Then what is the rate of a heavy duty operator’s salary, or wages? There are, of course, many questions like that that sometimes come to your mind and mind.

The duty of the heavy tool operator

Before continuing to discuss salary information obtained, you will also need to be familiar with the general duties of the heavy-duty operator himself. And here’s some of his assignments, like:

  • make sure that the heavy lock is on or off.
  • report any heavy equipment damage to the field overseer.
  • checking heavy machinery dead when not in use.
  • before operating heavy equipment, an operator is required to perform regular checkups of both fuel, oil, and other essentials.
  • the responsibility of transporting and shipping, along with the storing or parking of heavy equipment in a safe area.

Ability must be had

In addition to the task at hand, you also need to know about the ability of a skilled heavy-duty operator.

Because let’s just say this job is not just a random job and has a high risk.

Heavy equipment carriers are also authorized to care for the equipment of the unit.

The treatment and enhancement of heavy equipment equipment which the maintenance preparation is controlled by a single – agent company whose standard development skills are adjusted to individual versions.

This is because no national competence has been established as yet about the operation of heavy equipment for both construction, transport, mining and logging sectors as well as national competence standards for high-tool maintenance and repair.

Being able to follow direction and cooperate between good workers in the field.

Heavy equipment operators should also have basic analytic technical skills and electronic field diagnostics especially in heavy machines.

Driver or heavy tool operator should prove the ownership of a driver’s (driver’s license) with b ii classification.

First to have a b ii license, obligated to have a license for a minimum of 1 year.

Adequate knowledge, especially in the world of employment. For example, when an operator works in a mine, there are risks involved.

Heavy equipment operator’s salary

He said the rupiah was expected to continue to strengthen to rp9,100 per dollar in the Jakarta interbank spot market on Tuesday.

No wonder many people have the desire to work as a heavy equipment operator.

He said the rupiah was expected to continue to strengthen to rp9,100 per dollar in the Jakarta interbank spot market on Tuesday.

So, let’s just say each company will give a different monthly wage to the heavy-duty operator.

Or the following is a sample of the salary of the heavy-duty operator:

  • Forklift operator
    Forklift operators’ salaries range from RP. 5,000,000 – rp 7,500,000 in 25 business days and 5 days off.
  • Excavator operator
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    The salary of the excavators is between RP. 7,000,000-rp. 10 million in 25 working days and 5 days off.
  • Crane operator
    The salary of the crane operator ranges between RP. 9,000,000-15 million in 20 working days and 10 days off.

Even some companies pay wages to those involved with heavy equipment operators at rp 10 million, usually foreign corporations. And that’s just basic salary, not plus benefits and stuff.

In addition, the cost of the heavy-duty operator will also depend on working hours, the workplace and the running weight.

As for its own hours each company will enforce different policies.

In some companies there are even regulations regarding payment or wages of IDR 95 – IDR 250 thousand per hour. Of course these numbers are quite tempting.


Indonesia’s heavy equipment operation is generally carried out by a skilled operator of the company when it buys a unit of heavy equipment from a designated brand, thus limited and highly variable operating capability between one particular brand and another.

There are very few schools or courses in Indonesia that offer courses in heavy-equipment training.

Students were taught the basics of analytical and diagnostic techniques along with electronic deep knowledge.

Into field work, training is passed on to much work done in a practical environment.

The subcategories of job positions, such as mechanics require validation certification, which needs updating every 5 years.

In addition to the educational factor, the first and most important worthiness criteria are to have a heavy instrument license.

Experience in driving trucks and small construction machines is considered an added advantage.

The ability to work with different people, to be open with additional training ideas and responsibility and distance assessment are other criteria for hiring heavy instrument operators.

A number of freelance jobs available to new graduates or trainees who have completed formal education programs in heavy-duty operations.

Most organizations pay very nominal salaries at a beginner level.

Since this is a necessary job in almost all heavy manufacturing facilities, one can easily move to cities, without worrying about being a heavy tool operator, normally the benefits given are totally capable of earning and living expenses.


Heavy machinery operators’ salary is, in a way, big and promising, not to mention other benefits obtained.

However, the risk involved would also be considerable, considering that the work of a heavy-duty operator was considerable.

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