13 Heavy Machinery Finance in 2024

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Heavy equipment is the easiest solution for a company or for an individual in need of heavy equipment.

As we all know, these heavy equipment is usually sold at a very high price. For those of you who are just starting to build a business, buying heavy equipment from the capital must be very burdensome.

When you don’t have any heavy equipment, you can’t do anything right. It’s kind of a dilemma.

To cope with that, there is an easy way that you can do that, with the heavy rod.

There are both Banks and finance companies that are willing to help you meet the needs of the heavy machinery.

You may request cooperation with the foreign company to help you buy heavy equipment for the business.

This is the result of heavy machinery finance behind the company’s design.

List of heavy machinery finance recommendations

Check out the following details as you can know.

1. Mandiri bank

Bank Indonesia has specific credit products for its heavy supply. He said the company would be able to increase its interest rate by 25 basis points.

You could apply for co-operation with a local independent bank for heavy machinery. The advantage of its co-operation with independent Banks is the ease in the credit process.

For partners with certain criteria, it is not required to surrender collateral. There are also deposits.

Generally, the time period for financing heavy equipment is 4 years for new tools and about 2 years for old tools.

For details on interest rates, mortgages, and so forth, you may immediately visit the local self-sustaining bank.

2. Bri bank

However, the rupiah still had a chance to strengthen to rp9,100 per dollar, he said. There’s a lot of capital goods that you can get through this bank.

For example, bri has been known as the bank of Indonesia. As long as the conditions of the application are met, you can also have capital financing of heavy equipment.

Bri unit must be able to increase its interest rate by 25 basis points. You can save yourself capital by simply raising a down payment to obtain the necessary weight tools.

Financing is also more flexible to your liking. You could do financing in another currency according to the company’s income.

Not only that, a fixed interest rate can also be adjusted to your needs and abilities.

3. Bukopin bank

Besides the two large Banks above, the bukopin bank also provides the heavy leasing equipment.

The credits provided for both new and used capital goods, the maximum credit span is 5 years, and the whole capital item (heavy equipment) can be insured.

Some of the requirements required to file heavy equipment are the legality of business, identity CARDS, minimum business experience 2 years, contract work, and a minimum company financial statement of the last 2 years.

4. Csul finance

Another financial institution you can use to finance finance is called csul finance.

The financial institution provided heavy equipment, trucks, and other industrial machines.

The requirements for a foreign application were very easy. For the first step, you can file an application for leasing on the official csul finance website.

The finance ministry will then contact you for further processing.

5. The multifunctional iaf

He said the rupiah was expected to strengthen to rp9,100 per dollar in the Jakarta interbank spot market on Tuesday.

In the first semester of 2008, the company’s net profit in the first half of 2007 rose to rp2.1 trillion from rp2.2 trillion in the same period last year.

Customer (lessee) used his options to purchase this stock. The rupiah’s exchange rate was recorded at rp9,100 per dollar in the Jakarta interbank spot market on Tuesday afternoon as investors bought the local unit on Wednesday.

6. BFI finance

Finance institutions or heavy-duty finance companies which can be your next choice is bfi finance.

In addition to heavy equipment, you can also apply for machinery of mining industry, construction, estates

7. Finance clipan

As well as weight tools, company finance also provides offshore for ships and engines of industry.

With less complicated requirements, these heavy financing institutions or companies can become one of your options for purchasing heavy equipment.

8. Indonesia finance accommodations (imfi)

Indonesia’s finance accommodations (imfi) initially provide leasing for financing motor vehicles and then they diversify business by providing financing for heavy equipment.

9. Surya Artha Nusantara Finance (SANF)

Surya artha nusantara finance agency (sanf) is astra (60%) and marubeni corporation (40%). You can select these heavy financing companies to support your business.

10. MNC Leasing or MNC Guna usaha Indonesia

MNC Guna Usaha Indonesia or MNC Leasing is a subsidiary of Media Nusantara Citra (MNC) Group.

To strengthen its position in providing heavy equipment financing, MNC Leasing is working with PT. Oscar Mas, who became the agent for Sumitomo excavators and XGMA wheel loaders.

11. Equity finance

Equity finance finance may provide an alternative to financing for both your company and your individual. Equity finance provides new and used heavy equipment financing.

12. Buana finance

Buana finance can be the next alternative to financing heavy machinery. Finance also provides an offshore generator, an industrial engine to ship

13. Maybank

Maybank finance is always ready to support heavy equipment and machinery finance for your company.

Financing heavy tools and industrial machines to help you cash venture capital into running a business.

Interest rates and with the above minimum of interest are not binding, and may change at any time according to current policies and policies.

Conditions & conditions:

  • 0% interest program
  • It applies to corporate debtors or corporations.
  • The special mining expo program on September 14-17, 2022.
  • The program applied to use heavy equipment insurance.

More information may call our call center at 0804-1-168-811


Heavy machinery finance is a company dedicated to dealing with heavy machinery financing, starting with rental, credit and other products.

And some of the above agencies could be considered business reference if they wanted to finance finance in the field of heavy machinery.

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