Bulldozer Rental Rates Per Day in 2024

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Bulldozer Rental Rates Per Day – A bulldozer is a heavy earth-moving machine that is commonly used in construction and mining.

It is equipped with a large metal blade on the front that is used to push and move soil, debris, and other materials.

Bulldozers come in various sizes and configurations, from small compact models to large machines weighing several tons.

They are typically powered by diesel engines and can be operated either by a human operator or remotely using computer controls.

In construction, bulldozers are often used to prepare and level the ground for building sites, create access roads, and clear debris.

Bulldozer Rental Rates Per Day

Bulldozer Rental Rates Per Day

Bulldozer rental prices vary greatly depending on the size of the bulldozer and the horsepower required.

Rentals are available by the day for quick jobs, or by the week or month for larger projects.

Contractor equipment insurance is required.

Daily prices are $438 for 70-79 hp bulldozers and $546 for 90-99 hp bulldozers.

On a weekly basis, you can rent a 70-79 HP bulldozer for $1,294, an 80-89 HP medium bulldozer for $1,377, or a 90-99 HP bulldozer for $1,536.

The monthly charges are $3,631, $3,952, and $4,431 respectively.

If you need a larger model, you may need to request a quote.

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What Kind of Bulldozer Do I Need?

Bulldozer Rental Rates Per Day

There are three main types of bulldozers: Mini bulldozer, bulldozer, bulldozer on wheels.

  • The mini dozer is versatile and easy to maneuver in tight spaces while working on driveways, residential areas and snowy areas.
  • A towed or chain-operated tractor provides additional traction for moving heavy material over rough terrain.
  • Wheel dozers can also handle heavy work, but are more maneuverable than caterpillars. They are suitable for leveling and moving materials on relatively smooth surfaces that do not require additional traction.

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How Much Horsepower Do I Need?

Bulldozer Rental Rates Per Day

Small bulldozers (70-79 hp) can be used to clear residential areas, move rocks, clear snow, remove logs, and remove asphalt from roadsides.

Larger machines (140-149 hp) are commonly used for excavating and leveling floors on construction sites.

The largest bulldozers (200-249 hp) clear roads and work on demolition sites after natural disasters.

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What Bulldozer Blades Are Best For My Project?

Bulldozer Rental Rates Per Day

Different blades and attachments are available for different types of work with different loads and weights.

  • S-blade is suitable for stumps, landfills and leveling on uneven terrain.
  • U-blades are designed for digging, pushing and material handling.
  • The narrow, slightly curved S-U knife combines both elements ideal for tasks such as backfilling and crowning. Great for pushing soil far away.
  • Angled blades are good for moving soft or medium soil, snow, or gravel. • PAT (Power-Angle-Tilt) blades are versatile blades for leveling and scraping harder materials.

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Factors Affecting Bulldozer Rental Pricing

Bulldozer Rental Rates Per Day

There are several factors that can affect bulldozer rental pricing.

Some of the key factors include:

Size And Type Of Bulldozer

The size and type of bulldozer needed for a particular job can significantly affect rental pricing.

Larger bulldozers with more advanced features and capabilities will typically command higher rental rates.

Rental Duration

The rental duration can also impact pricing.

Short-term rentals may be more expensive on a daily basis compared to long-term rentals, which can offer lower rates for extended rental periods.


Rental rates can also vary by location due to factors such as local demand, competition, and operating costs.


The availability of bulldozers can also impact rental pricing.

During periods of high demand, bulldozer rentals may be more expensive due to limited availability.

Additional Equipment Or Services

If additional equipment or services are needed, such as attachments or operator services, this can also impact pricing.

Condition Of The Bulldozer

The condition of the bulldozer can also be a factor in rental pricing.

Newer, well-maintained bulldozers may command higher rental rates than older or less well-maintained equipment.

Insurance And Liability

The cost of insurance and liability coverage may also be factored into rental pricing.

Renters may be required to carry insurance or pay for liability coverage, which can add to the overall cost of the rental.

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Industries That Use a Bulldozer

Bulldozer Rental Rates Per Day

Bulldozers are used in a wide range of industries that require earthmoving or excavation.

Some of the common industries that use bulldozers include:


Bulldozers are widely used in the construction industry for site preparation, grading, and excavation.

They are often used to clear land, level the ground, and create foundations for buildings and infrastructure.


Bulldozers are commonly used in the mining industry to move large quantities of earth and rock.

They can be used to excavate mine sites, remove overburden, and transport ore.


Bulldozers are sometimes used in the agriculture industry for land preparation, such as clearing fields and leveling land for irrigation.


Bulldozers are used in the forestry industry for land clearing and logging operations.

They can be used to clear land for tree plantations or to remove debris and other obstacles from logging sites.


Bulldozers are used in the landscaping industry to create outdoor spaces, such as parks and golf courses.

They can be used to reshape land, create hills and valleys, and build retaining walls.


Bulldozers are used by the military for various purposes, such as building roads, constructing fortifications, and clearing obstacles.


Bulldozers are used in the demolition industry to knock down buildings and structures.

They can be used to push over walls and structures, and to clear debris after demolition is complete.

Overall, bulldozers are a versatile and essential piece of equipment used in many industries that require earthmoving and excavation.

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If you are considering renting a bulldozer, there are several factors you should take into account to ensure that you select the right machine for your needs.

Here are some key considerations to keep in mind:

  • Type and size of the bulldozer
  • Rental duration
  • Availability
  • Rental rates
  • Insurance and liability
  • Maintenance and upkeep, and
  • Delivery and pickup

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